World Doctors Orchestra USA

Combining fine music

with global medical responsibility.

Charity focus: An Ambulance Boat for Bolenge

In recent memory, it was a dream of the people who live on the banks of the river Kongo to have medical support within their villages.Falling ill meant travelling hundreds of kilometers to meet a doctor who is working in poor medical conditions. No wonder that the mortality rate in that region – especially of mothers and children – is one of the highest in the world. To help the people of that war-ravaged country, the Protestant church district of Dortmund Süd, initiated a very ambitious project in 2011: an Ambulance Boat for Bolenge. With this ambulance boat, the young and committed Dr. Yoursen Bosolo is able to visit the villages Ubangi and Ngirir regularly, accompanied by a nurse and a midwife. The team is well equipped with medicine and surgical instruments. Since Dr. Bosolo began his visits in September 2011, he has examined 7,000 patients - most of them suffering from diseases such as malaria, dysentery, and respiratory disorders. For more information, visit WDO was proud to use funds raised during its 2013 Berlin/Essen concerts to support this remarkable charity.

Fundraising to increase global access to healthcare

WDO has the relatively unique challenge of raising funds not simply to support the performance of great music, but, more importantly, to raise awareness of and support for the tremendous work being performed by healthcare charities around the world.  As a partner with WDO, you help to supply medical relief to those in need.  Further, your support and association with the WDO and the international exposure at its premiere concert events will highlight your dedication to healthcare as well as the arts.  By joining WDO in its fight, you can feel confident that you are being a force for positive good in the world.  Click the "Donate" button to make a secure, online credit card or PayPal donation today.  If you prefer, a check may be made payable to "World Doctors Orchestra" and sent to World Doctors Orchestra, 9306 Grant Avenue, Manassas, Virginia.    

charity focus: SAVE A CHILD'S HEART

Since 1995, Save a Child's Heart (SACH), saves the lives of children dying of heart disease in developing countries around the world. For the vast majority of our patients, every penny of their medical costs is covered by SACH from the moment a child travels to the medical facilities in Israel until he or she has fully recovered in the SACH's Children House and returned home. Everyone on the SACH medical team volunteers his/her time. SACH is completely dedicated to the principle that every child deserves the best medical treatment available, regardless of the child's nationality, religion, race, gender or financial situation.

SACH has given care to children in need from more than 50 countries:
49% are from the Middle East
40% are from Africa
4% are from Eastern Europe and the Americas
7% are from Asia.

What We Do

* Provide lifesaving cardiac surgery for children from developing countries at the Wolfson Medical Center in Tel Aviv
* Provide a comprehensive training program in Israel for doctors and nurses from those countries the children come from
*Lead medical missions to partner countries in developing world
*Hold pre-operative and follow-up cardiology clinics in Israel and abroad
* Provide housing for the families of children being treated in Israel

The SACH medical team travels to partner sites throughout the developing world to perform surgery, conduct cardiology clinics with local cardiologists, and give local medical personnel onsite training in pediatric cardiac care. SACH has trained hundreds of medical personnel. Future plans include the use of telemedicine technologies.

Your donation will help to save a child's heart.