World Doctors Orchestra USA

Combining fine music

with global medical responsibility.

the world doctors orchestra usa strategic plan

Vision and Mission of World Doctors Orchestra, Inc. (“WDO, USA”)

WDO, USA’s vision is to use the international language of music to remove barriers to access to healthcare.

​The mission of WDO, USA is to work in partnership with the global family of World Doctors Orchestra corporations[1] and their medical professional/musician volunteers to provide worthy healthcare charities with financial development opportunities that qualify as tax deductible charitable contributions in the United States.   

WDO, USA has identified four goals that, if implemented successfully, will allow it to achieve its mission and move towards realizing its vision.  For the sake of clarity,
short term” means on or before the close of FY2016, “medium term” means between FY2017 and FY2020, and “long term” means FY2021 and beyond.

1.    WDO, USA will design, coordinate, and implement fundraising opportunities in the United States.

WDO, USA was established in 2011 as a 501(c)(3) non-profit arts organization domiciled in the Commonwealth of Virginia so that individual and corporate donors hoping to support World Doctors Orchestra but especially motivated by the opportunity to receive a charitable tax deduction in the United States might have an eligible corporation to which they could make donations.  WDO, USA’s responsibilities have evolved to include responsibility for endorsing contracts, fundraising, and generally being the face of World Doctors Orchestra in the United States.  Particularly so during the short and medium term, WDO, USA will focus on building annual development campaigns that will include support of sessions[2] and fundraising for WDO, USA and WDO, e.V. WDO, USA’s great hope is that by approaching fundraising in a systematic and purposeful way, it will be able to dramatically increase its financial support of healthcare charities.

With respect to specific sessions, WDO, USA’s campaigns will seek out corporate underwriters, foundation and municipal grants, and individual donations (including leadership contributions by the Development Team and a donor pool that extends beyond the performing members of World Doctors Orchestra) to compliment the revenue generated by session participation donations and concert ticket sales. 

WDO, USA’s campaigns also will seek operational revenue intended to provide financial stability for the family of World Doctors Orchestra organizations.  This will include covering the general administrative and logistical expenses related to running WDO, USA as a non-profit arts organization, building cash reserves for WDO, USA, and contributing a portion of its income to support WDO, e.V. and the sessions it hosts outside of the United States. 

These specific and general development efforts in the short and medium term likely will require that WDO, USA’s all-volunteer Development Team take the lead in fundraising efforts with the assistance of a professional grant writer and fundraiser.  In the medium and long term, WDO, USA likely will incorporate contribution management systems and software that will allow it to customize and track its fundraising outreach based on each donor’s past contributions.  In the long term, WDO, USA likely will transition most of its regular fundraising efforts to an expanded paid staff, with the Development Team performing in more of an oversight capacity.

2.    WDO, USA will provide administrative and logistical support to session organizers and World Doctors Orchestra fundraisers working in the United States.

As suggested above, WDO, USA’s purposes now include administrative functions, such as serving as the signatory for session contracts, paying WDO, USA operational expenses, and collecting general and session-related participation donations. 

WDO, USA’s increasing autonomy from World Doctors Orchestra, e.V. is recognized as a positive reflection of the growth of World Doctors Orchestra and the expansion of its opportunities to make a global impact.  Accordingly, WDO, USA immediately and for the foreseeable future will provide greater administrative and logistical support to those carrying out the mission of World Doctors Orchestra in the United States.  That support will include: recruiting volunteers to serve on the committees organizing and implementing sessions in the United States; providing financial and other institutional records of World Doctors Orchestra to assist potential session leaders; and assisting in the identification and vetting of healthcare charity beneficiaries. 

Because World Doctors Orchestra, e.V. has expressed a medium term desire to have annual sessions in the United States in addition to having one or two additional sessions in other countries, WDO, USA believes that there will come a time when WDO, USA will need to employ operational management separate from that currently engaged by World Doctors Orchestra, e.V.  In the medium term, WDO, USA will engage a part-time manager based in the United States who will train under and work with World Doctors Orchestra, e.V.’s manager. In the long term, WDO, USA likely will employ its own management team which may include a full-time manager with support staff.

3.    WDO, USA will remain an integrated part of World Doctors Orchestra.

The above-described autonomy notwithstanding, WDO, USA believes that it is imperative that it remain deeply tied to its sister World Doctors Orchestra organizations. Artistic decisions for World Doctors Orchestra sessions will continue to be made by the Music Director of World Doctors Orchestra, e.V. in consultation with session organizers.  Further, the family of World Doctors Orchestra organizations will work together to promote the World Doctors Orchestra brand, identifying commonalities among the various organizations while concurrently addressing the ways in which the brand must be customized depending on the dictates of geography and culture. 

In the short term, WDO, USA will establish documents, e.g., memoranda of understanding, to describe the nature of the interrelatedness. These documents will include descriptions of how revenue and expenses will be shared, meeting schedules, and financial and activity reporting. 

4.     WDO, USA will track its successes and challenges in measurable ways and will conduct a comprehensive analysis of its operations.

With an eye towards building institutional memory and maintaining easily searchable templates and documents, WDO, USA will keep detailed records of its fundraising, marketing, and administrative efforts for the foreseeable future.  During FY2017 WDO, USA will conduct a comprehensive study to determine whether it is meeting the goals identified in this Strategic Plan and what course changes are necessary.  One example of this study would be a survey of members about their level of donor fatigue in light of the establishment of participation donations.  Likely, WDO, USA will appoint a special committee or task force to investigate the efficacy of its policies and procedures.

[1] At the time of this writing, the family of interrelated corporations includes Berlin-based World Doctors Orchestra, e.V., Friends of World Doctors Orchestra, and World Doctors Orchestra, Inc. (collectively, “World Doctors Orchestra”).

​[2] “Sessions” are defined to mean those week-long gatherings of the medical professional/musician members of World Doctors Orchestra, e.V.  Each of these gatherings raises money to support healthcare charities and culminates in one or more concerts in the session host city/cities.