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World Doctors Orchestra

9306 Grant Avenue

Manassas, Virginia 20110

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World Doctors Orchestra USA

9306 Grant Avenue

Manassas, Virginia 20110, United States of America 571-229-9899 (Phone)

snburt@burtlaw.co (Email)

Sheyna Burt, President

Board of Directors

Sheyna Burt, President

Dr. Anne Berghöfer

Prof. Dr. Stefan Willich

Development Committee

Sheyna Burt, Chair

Dr. Jonathan Lass 

Dr. Friedrich Albrecht

Dr. Allen Bishop

Dr. Thomas DaSilva

Dr. Stuart Hirsch

Dr. Birgit Kovacs

Dr. Jeffrey Yung

Legal Advisor

The Law Office of Sheyna Nicole Burt, PLC

World Doctors Orchestra e.V.

Luisenstr. 57, 10117 Berlin, Germany

49-30-23623333 (Phone)

49-321-22120313 (Fax)

office@world-doctors-orchestra.org (Email)

www.world-doctors-orchestra.org (URL) 

Board of Directors and Staff

Prof. Dr. Stefan Willich, Music Director

Dr. Anne Berghöfer, Treasurer

Alexandra Gruber, Executive Director

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World Doctors Orchestra USA

Combining fine music

with global medical responsibility.