Changes for World Doctors Orchestra in Light of the Global Pandemic

Our hearts are broken for those who have suffered as a result of COVID-19.  Our hope is restored, however, by the healthcare providers and first-responders who place themselves in harm's way to serve the rest of us.  

After 2019's successes in Lisbon and Porto, Houston, and Paris and Reims, World Doctors Orchestra was excited about the fundraising performances scheduled for 2020 in Buffalo and Toronto, Dortmund and Bonn, and London and Cardiff.  As you might imagine, those plans have changed.  Many of World Doctors Orchestra's members are on the front lines in the battle against this devastating virus and that fact, combined with travel restrictions and stay-at-home orders, have resulted in updates to WDO's performance schedule.

WDO's Buffalo/Toronto Session has been moved to June 13 through 17 of 2021.  Because Beethovenfest Bonn canceled its 2020 festival, WDO's Dortmund/Bonn Session will take place in August or September of 2021.  A decision respecting the London/Cardiff Session will be announced soon.

​In the meantime, WDO's physician-musicians remain hard at work in those white coats.  By way of example, Prof. Dr. Stefan Willich, founder and conductor of WDO, recently was quoted in the online publication, The Strad, regarding orchestral distancing: "Prof. Stefan Willich, Director of the Institute for Social Medicine, Epidemiology and Health Economics at the Charité said: 'This statement creates an important basis for rehearsals and concerts for the orchestra. However, the game should initially be carried out in compliance with clear protective measures, including 1.5 meters for strings and 2 meters for wind players.’"  Berlin study issues recommendations for orchestral distancing, The Strad,

And for those looking for music to soothe and uplift, we are excited to share new video content from WDO's YouTube channel.  We recently added our Lisbon performance of the world premiere of Eurico Carrapatoso's clarinet concerto, "Arsis e Thesis" featuring soloist Bruno Graça – an extraordinary new work by one of Portugal’s most renowned contemporary composers:  We also believe you will enjoy the magnificent and particularly moving presentation of Mahler's "Symphony No. 3" performed at the Philharmonie de Paris in June 2019:

​​​ ​Who We Are and What We Do

For the uninitiated, the North American iteration of World Doctors Orchestra was founded in 2011 so that we might better serve the charities and donors of the United States and Canada; WDO's sister organization was established in Berlin in 2008.  Our vision is to remove barriers to access to healthcare via the international language of music; our mission is to provide worthy healthcare charities with financial development opportunities that qualify as tax deductible charitable contributions in the United States.

​WDO now includes more than 1,200 physician-musicians and has provided half a million Euros to support charities including:

Ambulance Boat for Bolenge
The Association of the Friends of the German Heart Centre Berlin
BC Children’s Hospital Foundation
Berlin Center for the Treatment of Torture Victims
Centre Intégré de Recherches Biocliniques d’Abidian
Centre of Disabled Children and Young People of Armenia
Corporación de Adelanto Amigo de Panguipulli
Dentists for Africa
Förderkreis für krebskranke Kinder und Jugendliche Bonn
Formosa Cancer Foundation
The Free Medical Clinic of Greater Cleveland

​George Mark Children's House

Hilfswerk Indien
HOPE Cape Town
Hugo Tempelman Foundation
Medica Mondiale
The Michael Foundation
Refugio de Cristo de Valparaíso
Refugio Munich
The Seattle Times Fund for the Needy
Whitman Walker Health Clinic

While the daily work of our physician-musicians focuses on healing one patient at a time, as an orchestra we promote the conviction that neither national borders nor political or economic interests should limit access to basic healthcare.  Your support of our upcoming sessions makes this conviction a reality.

Musically yours,

Sheyna Burt, President

World Doctors Orchestra, Inc. 

World Doctors Orchestra USA

Combining fine music

with global medical responsibility.

The Good Works of WDO, USA and its Sister Organization, WDO, e.V.

World Doctors Orchestra USA:

Serving Healthcare Charities from the Concert Hall

A Message from the President,

Sheyna Nicole Burt, Esq.

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October - London/Cardiff

At least three times a year, some 125 physicians from all over the world exchange their white coats for evening attire and perform benefit concerts to support global medical aid projects. While their daily work focuses on healing one patient at a time, as an orchestra they promote the conviction that neither national borders nor political or economic interests should limit access to basic healthcare. 

As a result of the generosity of people like you, WDO has taken performances in world class venues in Armenia, Austria, China, Germany, Taiwan, South Africa, and the U.S. and translated them into financial support for organizations including: George Mark Children's House, The Free Clinic in Cleveland, Ohio; Whitman Walker Health in Washington, D.C.; The Hugo Tempelman Foundation's Ndlovu Medical Center in Elandsdoorn,  South Africa; the Formosa Cancer Foundation in Taiwan; and Dentists for Africa in Kenya.